A Lesson in Magickal Theory

From my notes on Spellcasting Beyond the Basics by Michael Furie, Chapter 1: Know Your Magic:

Some notes I took on a book I’m reading to learn more about the different energies we project when we work magick:

  • A definition of magick: “Magic is the science and process of projecting emotionally and intellectually charged energy into the spiritual plane in order to manifest change in the physical world.” (Furie 9)
  • It is generally wiser and safer to use magick “to alter situations rather than try to dominate and overwhelm another person’s free will” (Furie 11)–>we know this..most of us learned this when we first started practicing or as a tenet of wicca for those of us who came into magick that way. The thing is, though, I found it a little hard to accept “morality” as the only reason for a practitioner to not try to do all he or she can to achieve what they want, but the idea of the ‘rebound effect’ caused by a practitioner’s projected magick hitting against someone else’s willpower, was something that made a lot more sense to me
  • When using magick to try and affect another person’s free will, Furie believes this is how it goes down: “the power is sent directly toward the person and is considered to affect first the astral self and then filter into the subconscious mind, like post-hypnotic suggestion, causing different behavior in accordance to the spell caster’s desire” (Furie 11) This is where he also goes on to say it’s difficult, as we know, to use magick on someone else because their natural protection and willpower “automatically resist outside influence” sometimes making the spell “rebound on the spellcaster causing anxiety and tension” 
  • Furie writes about two main methods of working magick: affinity manifestation and creation manifestation” (Furie 12)
  • Affinity manifestation: working with the law of attraction; sending out energy to draw an outcome toward the spellcaster; using charms or talismans to attract something or someone–ingredients charged with energy and aligned with the magickal goal radiate influence around the wearer so that energy/aura is attuned to attract that desire; goes with the principle of like attracts like; draws things towards you that already exist in some form somewhere; can also be used to repel/deflect unwanted energies by neutralizing them or creating a spiritual barrier between those energies and the person, like an umbrella in a rainstorm (Furie 12-13)
  • Creation manifestation: more difficult than affinity manifestation; related to an extension of the human will; sending energy out not to draw to you something that already exists, but to create something astrally that will then manifest on the material plane; “removes the subconscious barrier that exists when working solely with the law of attraction: the perception of lack” (Furie 16)–because if you ask for something, you acknowledge that you don’t have it, instead, you should speak (and feel!!!) like what you want has already manifested




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